Residential Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

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Did you know even if your Air Conditioner appears to be in tip-top shape, lurking within the metal box the coil may be caked with dirt and debris from the outside elements? A good example is cottonwood. Air Conditioners love to get a hold of the cotton floating throughout the air, sucking it in, causing the coil to be clogged and preventing it from operating at its peak potential. It is important to have your Air Conditioner serviced twice a year for reasons like this. Also, this will give you peace of mind knowing it has been looked at and is being taken care of on a regular basis to avoid costly repairs. Not to mention, keeping your Air Conditioner cleaned and serviced can save you money on your utility bills throughout the high usage seasons.

Many Options of Air Conditioners

We offer many options of New Air Conditioners to meet the different needs of our customers. The primary brand of New Air Conditioner we sell is American Standard. They have been producing heaters and air conditioners for over 100 years and maintain the highest quality standards. American Standard equipment is praised by consumer reports and exceeds all government standards for efficiency. For those who aren't so handy, no need to worry. American Standard equipment is user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Because we are an American Standard Customer Care Dealer you can rest assured when you purchase a piece of equipment from Master Service you will receive excellent customer service before, during, and after the sale. We know you will be pleased with the performance of the equipment but rest assured knowing our staff at Master Service will go the extra mile to make you just as satisfied with our service as well!